Marcus Ramse


Every other year, me and hundreds of others take part in WeeklyBeats, a personal challenge to create a song every week for a whole year. WeeklyBeats a great motivator for me to try to stay creative. The quality of the tracks, as one might suspect, varies quite a lot, but I'll link to some of my personal favorites below.

In 2018 I had a perfect streak (meaning 52 songs), you can find them all on my WeeklyBeats profile for 2018.

Now in 2020, I'll try to do the same. My 2020 submissions will be here.

Some of my personal favorites

2018 Week 51 - Messier Mess

2018 Week 47 - Cool Stuff

2018 Week 38 - Milk Qrew - Crossing the Red Sea

2018 Week 34 - Saucy Saucers

2018 Week 32 - Five Bits

2018 Week 30 - Skylands

2018 Week 21 - Get bought on

2018 Week 18 - Over the Sea